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“Oria has a strong and powerful voice…”

In a recent review of Yellow Paint in the German magazine/website FolkWorld, writer Adolf Goriup said “The 17-year Oria has taken the charts by storm on a debut album.”  He went on to say “Oria has a strong and powerful voice, “ and notes “a blower arrangement makes “Get Back” a rousing soulful and funky song,” and notes that cut is “my favorite.”


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‘Get Back’ On The Radio

Wow – Yellow Paint continues to get significant radio airplay in Europe! Check out the latest playlist from the influential Planete Indie in Belgium.  “Get Back,” Oria’s sassy, playful and funky revenge tune has been prominently featured on Planete Indie, the leading independent European radio show.  Check out the latest playlist.  And, to pick up your copy of Yellow Paint, please visit Oria’s online store


ARTIST                             TRACK

Magic Sound Fabric – Heaven’s Coming Down
Crystal Castles – Affection
Visage – Dreamer I Know (Radio Edit)
Jennings – Do Or Die
Savage Peace – The Prince more info

“Having some songs of Oria in my head all day, singing along…”

As Oria’s debut Yellow Paint garners more and more airplay in Europe, fans are starting to weigh in with their thoughts on the CD.   Here’s what we heard from one German fan: “Having some songs of Oria in my head all day, singing along, LOL.  “Over The Rainbow” is my favourite!   I LOVE it!!   I bought her songs on iTunes and have them on a mixed disc in my car radio and I really, really enjoy them a lot.  She is very talented and I wish her the best!”

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