I’m Oria Aspen, and I’m just a crazy girl who loves to sing and write songs!!!!

I love music, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. For me, it’s not about the money; it’s about the passion and the message. If I can touch just one person with my music, I will have already won! I have never been the one to get an award, or to receive any praise; you could say I’ve been a bit of an underdog my whole life… If you ask me about my successes, I’d tell you that they’re still being written, because they are. I may not be perfect and I may not be a front-runner, but I do have passion and perseverance. I will never give up my dreams. No matter how hard it gets, I will come out fighting! Music is my world, and I’m gonna throw all I have at it!

Music has been extremely important to me for my whole life, and since my dad is a professional guitarist, I was able to experience amazing music, as well as musical opportunities starting at a young age. From the minute I was born, my parents had me listening to blues singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. I wrote my first song when I was 5 years old, and from that day forward, I had fallen in love with songwriting, and singing what I had written. When I was 9, I picked up the flute, and instantly fell in love with it. As I grew older I started to take interest in writing pop music, and of course I had to have a few flute solos in there, just for my own satisfaction 😛

In terms of writing songs I love to write about personal experiences. Most of them have to do with hope, or hard times, but I also love to write about friends, and love! Songwriting is honestly my favorite thing in the world. The feeling you get when you sit down at the beginning of the day with an idea, and by the end of the day you have a full song is just so awesome to me! I had a blast writing the songs for my CD Yellow Paint, and I hope you have just as much fun listening to them as I had writing them!