Oria’s August 2012 Newsletter

The weather was hot, but the music was cool — read all about Oria’s appearance at the Westfield Jazz Festival in the brand new August newsletter! Also in this issue:details about Oria’s new online store, plus all of the latest news — check it out!

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“Hearing Oria breathe life into her songs in concert is icing on the cake.”

“I first heard ‘Yellow Paint’ and thought what a rare talent singer-songwriter Oria Aspen is. When I found out she was just 17, I was gobsmacked. Her songs betray sophistication and experience well beyond her years while revealing a unique voice and superb musicianship. Hearing Oria breathe life into her songs in concert is icing on the cake. Buy the CD and see her live so you can say, “I knew her when.”

— Kathleen Biggins, WFUV-FM host

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Review: Oria Aspen – Live at the Gramercy Theater, New York City, June 7, 2012

“Oria was energetic and exuberant and held the stage every moment she was on it. Two variations of the same thought kept alternating in my head throughout her set; one, “she’s only seventeen???” and the other, “she’s seventeen!!!”, and both were in the best sense. On the one hand, she’s poised and confident with the easy command and control of someone a good bit older while at the same time her spirit and sass and contagious enthusiasm were there throughout, bed-rocking every song.

Her pitch was spot-on; her phrasing, dynamics and control natural and effortless. While I didn’t get the names of all the songs, “Rock Star” and “Get Back” were infectious grabbers and “Yellow Paint”, following her brief spoken introduction, just levitated. Felt like the whole stage was heading for the ceiling. Funny thing was, when I got the first promo notice about her CD a few months back, I remember being somewhat puzzled by the title, Yellow Paint,...

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Oria’s June 2012 Newsletter

In the past few weeks, Oria has had three big live shows, and the June newsletter recaps ‘em all, complete with setlists and band lineups. Also, in the June newsletter: the winner of the Epiphone guitar giveaway at The Crossroads is revealed; tons of photos from all three gigs and much more! Check out the June newsletter for the latest news!

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Sweet Acoustic Guitar Giveaway @ Crossroads!

As soon as I finish my show @ Crossroads I will give away a brand new, gorgeous, tobacco Sunburst, flat top Acoustic, Ephiphone Guitar with selected spruce & Mahogany Tone woods, hand scalloped bracing, a slim taper Neck with adjustable Trussrod.” This is the deal of a lifetime and I can’t wait to give this amazing instrument, hand selected by the General to some lucky person!!!! See you at The Crossroads!!!!

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Oria’s May 2012 Newsletter

Highlights from the newsletter include a recap of Oria’s NJ debut at Crossroads & the official announcement of the beautiful MusicMan guitar in the “Jumpin’ for Jay” fundraiser to benefit Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation, in honor of Jay D. Alexander, Oria’s 20-year-old cousin, who tragically died of a rare form of liver cancer last November. Jay’s parents, sister, relatives and many, many friends banded together to raise over $16,000 for research to stamp out this horrible disease.

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