Mark Pender Reviews “Yellow Paint”

I’ve just finished listening to the first solo CD Yellow Paint by the
artist Oria Aspen and all I can say is wow.
There is so much going on with this young lady.
First of all her singing ranges from the playful Get Back
to the pop anthems of Be my Rock Star, and Yellow Paint
but when I think that’s it , she hits me with the vulnerable
Mental and Scars that are sung with the intensity and fragile
sense that make the lyrics go straight to my emotions
In her song writing she says things that we all feel , from
places we’ve all been but somehow can’t say.

Another of my faves is What a Wonderful World which after hearing
Louis do it so many years ago couldn’t imagine it done over, until now
her phrasing is unique and the paring with Southside Johnny makes it
a memorable track.
There’s a lot in store for this young lady and if this is a start, hold on
for what comes next.
Mark Pender
World Renowned Trumpeter/vocalist/entertainer
Currently with the Conan O’Brien Band